Champagne Roger-Constant Lemaire (EN)

Champagne Roger Constant Lemaire

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Champagne Roger-Constant Lemaire

The champagne Roger Constant Lemaire is not a mass or an industrial champagne. One of the many reasons why connoisseurs cherish our products.

The vineyards are located in the heart of Champagne, exclusively on the south bank of the Marne Valley on a clay and limestone soil, which extends from Hautvillers 1er Cru in Cumières up to Villers-sous-Chatillon.

The Lemaire family has been working the three varieties of grapes typically found in champagne in the context of sustainable viticulture.

We are among the few winemakers not to practice malolactic fermentation, and our champagnes are aged between 4 and 6 years before commercialization.

Since 1998, Roger Champagne-Constant Lemaire chose to engage in an environmental friendly policy by replacing insecticides and miticides, usually used in Champagne, with more environmentally friendly methods such as the use of platelets for sexual confusion to prevent insect reproduction or use of organic fertilizers and amendments.

The respect of a great terroir, respect for its grapes, as well as respect of a methodology, a philosophy of work ... leads to the path of excellence ...