O de V - The Italian Gin

O de V - Wodka - Gin

It was a long way to our "Italian Gin". We started from a few basic ideas; the combination of the alcoholic base with our "Mediterranean vodka" and the idea of a complex, fragrant, sensual gin. I don't know how others make their gin, but in any case we started by capturing the ingredients of its soul: savoury, fruity, aromatic, full-bodied.

Then we just had to experiment to determine each one. That's why I answer anyone who asks for the recipe: experimentation, curiosity and imagination. This is the recipe for our "Italian Gin". Then come capers, quinotto fruit, bergamot, citron, dried orange peel, cardamom, hibiscus, dried rosemary, vanilla beans and others.

Marcello Bruschetti - The Creator

O de V - The Italian Gin

O de V - The Italian Gin "White"O de V - The Italian Gin "Black"

Black We followed this idea from the very beginning. The four perfectly fused souls that let the rosemary and its aroma play the leading role. Fragrantly complex, sensual, but with a concise soul.

White A surprise we came across while experimenting. A variation of "Black" in which figs have taken over to bring out the soft and sensual component of an absolutely unique and recognisable gin.