Champagne Roger Constant Lemaire - Philosophy


5 Generations in the Heart of Champagne practicing a viticulture with respect for the environment.


  • herbicides
  • pesticides
  • chemical fertilizers

      A Product of Passion — A High-End Cuvée 

      To achieve this we choose to put the vineyard at the heart of the winemaking and to support the grapes in the most natural way to produce wines that have personality and character


      • malolactic fermentation
      • finings
      • filtration
      • special chilling

      Aged in cellar for 5 years and 7 years for the Vintages and Collection.

      Taste the difference

      The family has continued to build on the know-how of our ancestors, producing atypical champagnes: the Estate does not employ malolactic fermentation or fining methods, nor do they filter the champagne.

      The family specializes in creating champagnes with an exceptionally fresh palate, characterized by authenticity and the distinctive flavour of the local terroir. Our vineyard lies at the heart of the champagne region, in the Marne Valley.

      Their passion for vines and wine forms the very essence of the cuvées they produce. Environmental protection, use of seaweeds to fertilize the land, traditional winemaking practices combined with modern production techniques.

      These are the elements that have forged the image and the reputation of our champagnes throughout the world.